Length units converter

A length units converter includes such units as: millimeters [mm], centimeters [cm], meters [m], kilometers [km], inches [in], feet [ft], yards [yd], miles [mi], nautical miles [INT], light year [ly].

milimeter [mm]1 mm
Centimeter [cm]10 mm
Inch [in]25.4 mm
Feet [ft]304.8 mm
Yard [yd]914.4 mm
Meter [m]1000 mm
Kilometer [km]1000000 mm
Mile [mi]1609344 mm
Nautical mile [INT]1852000 mm
Light Year [ly]9460730472580040000 mm
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UnitsUnits in 1 milimeter
1 milimeter1 mm
1 centimeters0.10 mm
1 inch0.039 mm
1 feet0.0033 mm
1 yard0.001094 mm
1 meter0.001 mm
1 kilometer0.000001 mm
1 mile0.0000006214 mm
1 nautical mile0.00000054 mm
1 light year0.000000000000000000106 mm
Conversion of 1 unit in 1 milimeter.

Measures of length

Units of measure are all the units used to express length. Individual units of length can be mutually converted into other units. Length measures have a long history. Initially, they were used to determine the length of body parts. Hence, such measures of length as elbows, hands, feet, crotch, fingers or thumb. Currently, the basic SI unit of length is the meter. 

Rulers, calipers and rangefinders can be used to measure small physical lengths. For your own needs, you can also use a tailor’s tape measure and a rolled ruler. In turn, for distance measurements on roads, odometers are used, which additionally take into account the unevenness of the terrain. One of the main disadvantages of widely available measurement tools is the occurrence of measurement errors.

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Length units converter in transforming known lengths

The main application of the length units converter is to convert the known measures to less common units of length.
Examples of metric conversions may include building sizes, river lengths, mountain heights, planet distances from earth, etc.

Minimal distances from planets to Earth in units of length.

Units Venus Mars Sun Jupiter
Kilometers      39790000 km 55650000 km 147000000 km 591970000 km
Light year 0.00000420581 ly 0.00000588221 ly 0.0000155379 ly 0.0000625713 ly
Miles 24724359.74 mi 34579306.85 mi 91341565.25 mi 367833104.6 mi
Nautical mile 21484881.21 INT 30048596.11 INT 79373650.11 INT 319638229 INT
Milimeters  39790000000000 mm 55650000000000 mm 147000000000000 mm 591970000000000 mm
Centimeters 3979000000000 cm 5565000000000 cm 14700000000000 cm 59197000000000 cm
Yards  43514873139 yd 60859580050 yd 160761000000 yd 647386000000 yd
Feet  130545000000 ft 182579000000 ft 482283000000 ft 1942160000000 ft
Inches  1566540000000 in 2190940000000 in 5787400000000 in 23305900000000 in
The minimum distance of plants from the ground in different length units

Maximal distances from planets to Earth in units of length

Units Venus Mars Sun Jupiter
Kilometers     259710000 km 399580000 km 152100000 km 965520000 km
Light year 0.0000274514 ly 0.0000422356 ly 0.000016077 ly 0.000102056 ly
Miles 161376312.3 mi 248287501 mi 94510558.33 mi 599946313.5 mi
Nautical miles 140232181.4 INT 215755939.5 INT 82127429.81 INT 521339092.9 INT
Milimeters 259710000000000 mm 399580000000000 mm 152100000000000 mm 965520000000000 mm
Centimeters 25971000000000 cm 39958000000000 cm 15210000000000 cm 96552000000000 cm
Yards 284022000000 yd 436986000000 yd 166339000000 yd 1055910000000 yd
Feet 852067000000 ft 1310960000000 ft 499016000000 ft 3167720000000 ft
Inches 10224800000000 in 15731500000000 in 5988190000000 in 38012600000000 in
The maximum distance of plants from the ground in different length units

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