Miles to yards conversion

Miles to yards conversion allows you to calculate the number of yards [yd] by entering any number of miles [mi]. Easily calculate mi to yd. See also yards to miles converter.


Mile – the name mile comes from the Latin – Mille meaning a thousand. Initially, this unit referred to 1000 Double Steps. It was not until 1959 that the Anglo-American measures were standardized, including miles. Nowadays, when we mean a land mile, we are talking about a length of 1609.34 meters, or 1760 yards.


A yard is a unit of length that was used in the English system of measurement (until 1971) and is now used in the American system of measurement. It is an imperial unit that was established in Great Britain
There are different names for the yard depending on the layout. There is an English yard and an American yard, but the difference in length is negligible. The most popular is the international yard, which is 0.9144 meters long. 1 yard is taken to be the same as 3 feet or 36 inches.
As a curiosity, it can be added that the word “yard” comes from the words “branch” or “stick”. The Name of The yard can refer to the circumference of a person’s waist or the distance from the tip of the nose to the thumb – with the arm outstretched.

Miles to yards conversion in the table

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Conversion miles to yards

Convert known heights to miles and yards

Miles to yards conversion can have many uses. To better understand the size scale of the units used, both measures are compared with known quantities on Earth.

High mountains:

  • K2 8611 m (Pakistan) can also be described as 5.351 mi or 9417.104 yd.
  • Manaslu 8163 m (Nepal) can also be described as 5.072 mi or 8927.165 yd.
  • Muztagh Ata 7509 m (China) can also be described as 4.666 mi or 8211.942 yd.
  • Yangra 7422 m (Nepal) can also be described as 4.612 mi or 8116.798 yd.

High buildings:

  • Shanghai Tower 632 m (Shanghai, China)this length can also be represented as 0.393 mi or 691.164 yd.
  • Changsha IFS Tower T1 452.1 m (Changsha, China) this length can also be represented as 0.281 mi or 494.423 yd.
  • Raffles City Chongqing T3N 354.5 m (Chongqing, China) this length can also be represented as 0.22 mi or 387.686 yd.
  • Forum 66 Tower 1 350.6 m (Shenyang, China) this length can also be represented as 0.218 mi or 383.421 yd.