Kilometers to feet – km to ft

Kilometers to feet (km to ft) converter calculate any ft value by giving the number of km. For example, 2 km to feet is equals 6561.68 ft. See also feet to kilometers converter.

Kilometer (km)

Kilometer (km in short) – is an easy-to-use multiple of a meter – the basic SI unit. Converting a kilometer into meters we get the value of 1000 m. A kilometer is a very frequently used measure of length, especially in relation to road signs. Even in the USA, where a mile has been used for a long time, the signage gradually changes to kilometers.

Feet (ft)

Feet (ft for short) – as the name suggests, the measure refers to the length of a human foot. For a long time, the foot was the basic unit of measurement for length. Its value has changed both over time and countries. For this reason, there are many names of feet that differ in length. Typically, the foot in the 18th and 19th centuries was 28.3 cm to 32.5 cm long. There are also feet of ancient origin, the length of which is from 29.6 cm for the altar foot to 35 cm for the Egyptian and Pergame foot. Nowadays, when we talk about the foot, we usually mean the English foot, which is 30.48 cm.

Kilometers to feet converter on the table

Kilometers [km]Feet [ft]
1 km3280.840 ft
2 km6561.680 ft
3 km9842.520 ft
4 km13123.360 ft
5 km16404.199 ft
6 km19685.039 ft
7 km 22965.879 ft
8 km26246.719 ft
9 km29527.559
Km to ft calculation

Examples of height and deep conversions using km to ft

The miles to feet (km to ft) converter is a convenient tool for checking length, depth or height, in feet. You can check the value of meters per kilometers or kilometers per feet. It is best to present the operation of the converter on a few examples, such as river lengths or mountain heights.

Tall buildings:

  • Shanghai Tower 632 m (Shanghai, China) after using a different metric unit it is 0.632 inches and 3336960 feet.
  • International Commerce Centre 484 m (Hong Kong) after using a different metric unit it is 0.484 inches and 2555520 feet.
  • Bank of America Tower 365.8 m (New York City, United States) after using a different metric unit it is 0.366 inches and 1931424 feet.
  • Emirates Office Tower 354.6 m after using a different metric unit it is 0.355 inches and 1872288 feet.

Deep caves:

  • Gouffre Jean-Bernard 1626 m (France) this depth means 1.626 kilometers and 8585280 feet.
  • Pantjuhinskaja Cave 1508 m (Abkhazia / Georgia) this depth means 1.508 kilometers and 7962240 feet.
  • Sistema del Trave 1441 m (Spain) this depth means 1.441 kilometers and 7608480 feet.