Millimeters to centimeters – mm to cm

The millimeters to centimeters converter returns cm value by giving the number of mm. The 10 mm to cm is the value 1 cm. See also centimeters into millimeters calculator.


Millimeter (abbreviated mm) – this is one thousandth of a meter. In scientific notation, 1 millimeter is 1 – E3 m, which means 0.001 x 1 m.


Centimeter (abbreviated cm) – is defined as a hundredth of a meter or 10 millimeters. A unit often used in everyday measurements. Used in many popular hand-held measuring tools. On the other hand, it is poorly used in scientific and engineering calculations.

Millimeters to centimeters converter in the tables

1 mm 0.1 cm 
2 mm 0.2 cm 
3 mm 0.3 cm 
4 mm 0.4 cm 
5 mm 0.5 cm 
6 mm 0.6 cm 
7 mm 0.7 cm 
8 mm 0.8 cm 
9 mm 0.9 cm 
10 mm 1 cm 
100 mm 10 cm 
200 mm 20 cm 
Millimeters into Centimeters calculation.
Numbersmm in cm  cm in mm 
Conversion of metric units mm and cm.

Convert units from mm to cm

Millimeters to centimeters – mm to cm converter is a tool for comparing different metric units. It is worth presenting the operation of the converter on river lengths, mountain heights or cave depths. Using meters to millimeters converter you can find out what the value is in meters to centimeters and then calculate the millimeters to centimeters. It is also available meters into millimeters calculator or kilometers into millimeters caluclator.

Deep caves:

  • Sarma cave 1830 m (Abkhazia / Georgia) in other metric units it is 1830000 milimeters and 183000 centimters.
  • Gouffre Mirolda 1733 m (France) in other metric units it is 1733000 milimeters or 173300 centimters.
  • Wot-U-Got Pot [de] 1560 m (Austria) this depth is approximately 1560000 milimeters and 156000 centimters.
  • Egma Sinkhole 1429 m (Turkey) in other metric units it is 1429000 milimeters and 142900 centimters.

The length of the rivers:

  • Kama 1805 km (Volga) this length can also be written as 1805000000 milimeters as well as 180500000 centimeters.
  • Beni 1599 km (Madeira) it is an equivalent into about 1599000000 milimeters or 159900000 centimeters.
  • Canadian 1223 km (Arkansas) after converting the metric units this will be approxima 1223000000 milimeters and 122300000 centimeters.
  • Madre de Dios 1130 km (Beni) this length can also be written as 1130000000 milimeters as well as 113000000 centimeters.