Miles to meters (m) calculation

Miles to meters calculation allows you to calculate the number of meters [m] by entering any number of miles [mi]. Easily calculate mi to m. See also meters to miles converter.


Mile – the name mile comes from the Latin – Mille meaning a thousand. Initially, this unit referred to 1000 Double Steps. It was not until 1959 that the Anglo-American measures were standardized, including miles. Nowadays, when we mean a land mile, we are talking about a length of 1609.34 meters, or 1760 yards.


Meter – is the basic unit of length in systems such as: SI, MKS, or MTS. The construction of the metro should be connected with the date of March 26, 1791. The length of a meter as the path that light travels in a vacuum during 1/299792458 seconds was established only at the end of the 20th century. From 1795 to 1983, the measure of the meter varied depending on how it was measured.

Miles to meters conversion in the tables

Miles [mi]Meters [m]
1 mile1609.344 m
2 miles3218.688 m
3 miles4828.032 m
4 miles6437.376 m
5 miles8046.720 m
6 miles9656.064 m
7 miles11265.408 m
8 miles12874.752 m
9 miles14484.096 m
10 miles16093.440 m
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