Yard to inches (yards in inch)

The yard to inches (yards in inch) converter allows you to calculate yd to in. You can check that one yard in inches will return 36 inches. Check also inches into yards calculator.


A yard (yd) is a unit of length that was used in the English system of measurement (until 1971) and is now used in the American system of measurement. It is an imperial unit that was established in Great Britain
There are different names for the yard depending on the layout. There is an English yard and an American yard, but the difference in length is negligible. The most popular is the international yard, which is 0.9144 meters long. 1 yard is taken to be the same as 3 feet or 36 inches.


Inch (in) – is defined as an imperial unit. So as a measurement system used in Great Britain and British colonies. The measure of an inch was initially three times the length of an average barley grain. In other units, it is also 1/12 of a foot. As with other common measures of length, the inch has had different names and lengths throughout its history. The name of the country in which it was used was additionally added to the name “cal”. Depending on the country, this value ranged from 23.22 mm for the Spanish inch mm to about 27.07 for the French inch.

Yard to inch

Yard to inch is a popular unit conversion. Among the known units of measurement, yard to inch is similar to yard to food and yard to centimeter.

Yard to inch

Yard to centimeter = 91.44 cm
1 yard to inch = 36 in
Yard to food = 3 ft

Yard to inches (yards in inch) on the tables

1 in 36 yd 
2 in 72 yd 
3 in 108 yd 
4 in 144 yd 
5 in 180 yd 
6 in 216 yd 
7 in 252 yd 
8 in 288 yd 
9 in 324 yd 
10 in 360 yd 
100 in 3600 yd 
200 in 7200 yd 
Yards in inches calculation.
Numbersinches in yd  yd in inches 
Conversion of metric units yard and inch.

Using the yards to inches converter to convert tall of the buildings and river lengths

Buildings and rivers are often of interest to researchers and scientists. The main measure for these objects is height and length. These measures are usually similar to each other, therefore a constant metric SI unit is used to describe these objects. However, sometimes it is necessary to represent height and length in less common metric units. For this, it makes sense to use yards to inches converter. See also meters into feet calculator and kilometers into feet calculator.

Tall buildings:

  • Landmark 81 461.2 m (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) it is tall as about 504.374 yd or 18157.48 in.
  • 111 West 57th Street 435.3 m (New York City, United States) can also be described as 476.05 yd or 17137.795 in.
  • Central Plaza 373.9 m (Hong Kong) can also be described as 408.902 yd or 14720.472 in.
  • The Marina Torch 352 m (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) it is tall as about 384.952 yd or 13858.268 in.

Long rivers:

  • Syr Darya–Naryn 3078 km (Outflow – Aral Sea) this length can be converted into 3366141.732 yd or 121181102.362 in.
  • Kasai 2153 km (Outflow – Congo) this length can be converted into 2354549.431 yd and 84763779.527 in.
  • Pechora 1809 km after using a different metric unit it is 1978346.457 yd as well as 71220472.441 in.
  • Shire 1200 km (Outflow – Zambezi) this length can be converted into 1312335.958 yd or 47244094.488 in.