Light years to feet converter

Light years to feet converter calculate any feet value by giving the number of light year. For example 1 light year [ly] equals 310391419 bln feet [ft]. See also feet into light years calculator.

Light year

Light year (abbreviated ly) – this unit is used primarily in astronomy. Its length is simply equivalent to the distance light travelled in a vacuum in 1 year. To better visualize the value of this measure, an approximate value of 9.5 trillion kilometers can be given.


Feet (ft for short) – as the name suggests, the measure refers to the length of a human foot. For a long time, the foot was the basic unit of measurement for length. Its value has changed both over time and countries. For this reason, there are many names of feet that differ in length. Typically, the foot in the 18th and 19th centuries was 28.3 cm to 32.5 cm long.

There are also feet of ancient origin, the length of which is from 29.6 cm for the altar foot to 35 cm for the Egyptian and Pergame foot. Nowadays, when we talk about the foot, we usually mean the English foot, which is 30.48 cm.

Light years to feet converter in the tables

Light yearsFeet
1 ly 31039141970406700 ft 
2 ly 62078283940813400 ft 
3 ly 93117425911220100 ft 
4 ly 124156567881627000 ft 
5 ly 155195709852034000 ft 
6 ly 186234851822440000 ft 
7 ly 217273993792847000 ft 
8 ly 248313135763254000 ft 
9 ly 279352277733660000 ft 
10 ly 310391419704067000 ft 
100 ly 3103914197040670000 ft 
200 ly 6207828394081340000 ft 
Light years into feet calculation.
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Conversion of metric units

Examples of height and length conversions using light years to feet

The light years to feet converter is a convenient tool for checking length, depth or height, in feet. For example, you can convert the value of meters per light years and after light years per feet. It is best to present the operation of the converter on a few examples, such as river lengths or mountain heights. Check also meters into light years calculator or kilometers into light years calculator.

The length of the rivers:

  • Red (Asia) 1149 km (Gulf of Tonkin) after converting the metric units this will be approximate 0.000000000121449 light years or 6066720000 feet.
  • Aras 1072 km (Kura) it is 0.00000000011331 light years as well as 5660160000 feet.
  • Aruwimi 1030 km (Congo) it is 0.000000000108871 light years or 5438400000 feet.

Tall buildings:

  • Tianjin CTF Finance Centre – 530 m (Tianjin) this length can also be represented as 0.000000000000056 light years and 2798400 feet.
  • 30 Hudson Yards – 386.6 m (New York City, United States) it is tall as about 0.000000000000041 light years and 2041248 feet.
  • Emirates Office Tower – 354.6 m it is an equivalent into about 0.000000000000037 light years and 1872288 feet.