Feet to light years converter

Feet to light years converter returns exact value for feet [ft] into light years [ly]. The calculator returns 0.000000000000000032 ly in 1 ft or in the shortened form 3.2E-17 ly in 1 ft. See also Light years to feet converter.


Feet (ft for short) – as the name suggests, the measure refers to the length of a human foot. For a long time, the foot was the basic unit of measurement for length. Its value has changed both over time and countries. For this reason, there are many names of feet that differ in length. Typically, the foot in the 18th and 19th centuries was 28.3 cm to 32.5 cm long.

There are also feet of ancient origin, the length of which is from 29.6 cm for the altar foot to 35 cm for the Egyptian and Pergame foot. Nowadays, when we talk about the foot, we usually mean the English foot, which is 30.48 cm.

Light year

Light year (abbreviated ly) – this unit is used primarily in astronomy. Its length is simply equivalent to the distance light travelled in a vacuum in 1 year. To better visualize the value of this measure, an approximate value of 9.5 trillion kilometers can be given.

Feet to light years converter on the table

Feet [ft]Light years [ly]
10.000000000000000032 ly
20.000000000000000064 ly
30.000000000000000097 ly
40.000000000000000129 ly
50.000000000000000161 ly
60.000000000000000193 ly
70.000000000000000226 ly
80.000000000000000258 ly
90.00000000000000029 ly
Feet [ft] to Light years [ly] calculation.

Examples of converting feet to light years

Try using feet to light years converter to discover some interesting results. Sometimes one converter is not enough to achieve the results we are interested in. When you are calculating the known values in meters, you may need to use meters into feet calculator or kilometers into feet calculator.

Converting high mountains:

  • Dhaulagiri I 8167 m (Nepal) it is tall as about 8931.54 feet and also 0.000000001389 light years.
  • Shishapangma 8027 m (China) it is tall as about 8778.43 feet and also 0.000000001365 light years.
  • Annapurna II 7937 m (Nepal) it is tall as about 8680.01 feet and also 0.00000000135 light years.
  • Saltoro Kangri 7742 m (India) it is tall as about 8466.75 feet and also 0.000000001317 light years.
  • Gongga Shan 7556 m (China) it is tall as about 8263.34 feet and also 0.000000001285 light years.
  • Labuche Kang 7367 m (China) it is tall as about 8056.65 feet and also 0.000000001253 light years.

Converting long rivers:

  • Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson–Beaverhead–Red Rock–Hell Roaring 6275 km (Gulf of Mexico) it is approximately 247047244.09 feet and also 0.000001067426414 light years.
  • Rio Grande 3057 km (Gulf of Mexico) it is approximately 120354330.71 feet and also 0.000000520019529 light years.
  • Xingu 2100 km (Amazon) it is approximately 82677165.35 feet and also 0.00000035722637 light years.
  • Chulym 1799 km (Ob) it is approximately 70826771.65 feet and also 0.000000306023923 light years.
  • Uruguay 1610 km (Atlantic Ocean) it is approximately 63385826.77 feet and also 0.00000027387355 light years.