Kilometers (km) to miles conversion

Kilometers (km) to miles conversion allows you to calculate the number of miles by entering any number of km. 5 km to miles = 3.106 mi. See also miles to kilometres converter.

Kilometer (km) definition

Kilometer – converting a kilometer into meters we get the value of 1000 m. A kilometer is a very frequently used measure of length, especially in relation to road signs. Even in the USA, where a mile has been used for a long time, the signage gradually changes to kilometers.

Mile (mi) definition

Mile – the name mile comes from the Latin – Mille meaning a thousand. Initially, this unit referred to 1000 Double Steps. It was not until 1959 that the Anglo-American measures were standardized, including miles. Nowadays, when we mean a land mile, we are talking about a length of 1609.34 meters, or 1760 yards.

Km to miles conversion on the table

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Conversion kilometers to miles

Known heights conversion to kilometres and miles

Kilometers to miles conversion can have many uses. To better understand the size scale of the units used, both measures are compared with known quantities on Earth.

High mountains:

  • Kangchenjunga 8586 m (Nepal) can also be described as 8.586 km or 5.33623368551896 mi.
  • Gasherbrum II 8035 m (Pakistan) can also be described as 8.035 km or 4.99378495960224 mi.
  • Kamet 7756 m (India) can also be described as 7.756 km or 4.82038533250466 mi.
  • Kongur Tagh 7649 m (China) can also be described as 7.649 km or 4.7538844002486 mi.
  • Gimmigela Chuli 7350 m (India) can also be described as 7.35 km or 4.5680546923555 mi.
  • Langtang Ri 7205 m (Nepal) can also be described as 7.205 km or 4.47793660658794 mi.

High buildings:

  • Lotte World Tower 554.5 m (Seoul, South Korea) it is an equivalent 0.5545 km or 0.344623990055935 mi.
  • International Commerce Centre 484 m (Hong Kong) it is an equivalent 0.484 km or 0.300807955251709 mi.
  • Jin Mao Tower 421 m (Shanghai, China) it is an equivalent 0.421 km or 0.261653200745805 mi.
  • Elite Residence 380.5 m (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) it is an equivalent 0.3805 km or 0.236482287134866 mi.
  • OKO Tower – South Tower 354 m (Moscow, Russia) it is an equivalent 0.354 km or 0.220012430080796 mi.