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The feet to inches converter allows you to calculate feet in inches. Put the value and check results. 5 feet in inches will be 60 inches. Also check inches into feet calculator.


Feet – as the name suggests, the measure refers to the length of a human foot. For a long time, the feet was the basic unit of measurement for length. Its value has changed both over time and countries. For this reason, there are many names of feet that differ in length. Typically, the foot in the 18th and 19th centuries was 28.3 cm to 32.5 cm long. There are also feet of ancient origin, the length of which is from 29.6 cm to 35 cm. Nowadays, when we talk about the foot, we usually mean the English foot, which is 30.48 cm.


Inch – is defined as an imperial unit. So as a measurement system used in Great Britain and British colonies. The measure of an inch was initially three times the length of an average barley grain. In other units, it is also 1/12 of a foot. As with other common measures of length, the inch has had different names and lengths throughout its history. The name of the country in which it was used was additionally added to the name “cal”. Depending on the country, this value ranged from 23.22 mm to 27.07 inches.

Check numbers of feet in inches on the tables

1 fd 12 inches 
2 fd 24 inches 
3 fd 36 inches 
4 fd 48 inches 
5 fd 60 inches 
6 fd 72 inches 
7 fd 84 inches 
8 fd 96 inches 
9 fd 108 inches 
10 fd 120 inches 
100 fd 1200 inches 
200 fd 2400 inches 
Feet in inches calculation.
Numbersfd in inches  inches in fd 
Conversion of metric units feet and inch.

Using the feet in inches converter to convert river lengths and mountain heights

Rivers and mountains are often of interest to researchers and scientists. The main measure for these objects is length and height. These measures are usually similar to each other, therefore a constant metric SI unit is used to describe these objects. However, sometimes it is necessary to represent length and height in less common metric units. For this, it makes sense to use feet to inches converter. See also meters into feet calculator and kilometers into feet calculator.

Long rivers:

  • Yellow River 5464 km (Outflow – Bohai Sea) it is tall as about 17926509.186 ft or 215118110.235 in.
  • Snake 1670 km (Outflow – Columbia) this length can also be represented as about 5479002.625 ft and 65748031.496 in.
  • Platte 1594 km (Outflow – Missouri) after using a different metric unit it is 5229658.793 ft or 62755905.512 in.
  • Colorado (Texas) 1438 km (Outflow – Gulf of Mexico) it can be otherwise described as 4717847.769 ft and 56614173.228 in.

High mountains:

  • Dhaulagiri I 8167 m (Nepal) you can convert this height into 26794.619 ft or 321535.433 in.
  • Chamlang 7321 m (Nepal) it is an equivalent into about 24019.029 ft or 288228.346 in.
  • Burj Mohammed bin Rashid 381.2 m (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) it is tall as 1250.656 ft or 15007.874 in.
  • Address Boulevard 370 m (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) it is tall as 1213.911 ft and 14566.929 in.