Yards to centimeters – yard in cm

Yards to centimeters converter (yard in cm) returns cm value by giving the number of yds. 1 yard to cm is the numbers of 91.44 cm. See also centimeters to yards converter.


A yard (abbreviated yd) is a unit of length that was used in the English system of measurement (until 1971) and is now used in the American system of measurement. It is an imperial unit that was established in Great Britain
There are different names for the yard depending on the layout. There is an English yard and an American yard, but the difference in length is negligible. The most popular is the international yard, which is 0.9144 meters long. 1 yard is taken to be the same as 3 feet or 36 inches.
As a curiosity, it can be added that the word “yard” comes from the words “branch” or “stick”. On the other hand, the origin of the yard measure is not fully known. It can refer to the circumference of a person’s waist or the distance from the tip of the nose to the thumb – with the arm outstretched.


Centimeter (abbreviated cm) – is defined as a hundredth of a meter or 10 millimeters. A unit often used in everyday measurements. Used in many popular hand-held measuring tools. On the other hand, it is poorly used in scientific and engineering calculations.

Yard in cm

Yard to centimeter is a popular unit conversion. Among the known units of measurement, yard to centimeter is similar to yard to millimeter and yard to inch.

  • Yard to millimeter = 914.4 mm
  • 1 Yard to centimeter = 91.44 cm
  • Yard to inch = 36 in

Yards to centimeters converter in the table

Yards [yd]Centimeters [cm]
191.44 cm
2182.88 cm
3274.32 cm
4365.76 cm
5457.20 cm
6548.64 cm
7640.08 cm
8731.52 cm
9822.96 cm
Yards into centimeters calculation

Convert units from yards to centimeters

Yards to centimeters (yard in cm) is helpful to comparing different metric units. It is worth presenting the operation of the converter on river lengths, mountain heights or cave depths. Using meters to yards converter you can find out what the value is in meters to centimeters and then calculate the yards into centimeters.

Deep caves:

  • Krubera-Voronja Cave 2197 m (Abkhazia / Georgia) in other metric units it is 2008.94 yards and 219700 centimeters.
  • Gouffre Jean-Bernard 1626 m (France) in other metric units it is 1486.81 yards and 162600 centimeters.
  • Velebit caves 1431 m (Croatia) in other metric units it is 1308.51 yards and 143100 centimeters.
  • Boybuloq 1415 m (Uzbekistan) in other metric units it is 1293.88 yards and 141500 centimeters.

The length of the rivers:

  • Rio Grande de Santiago-Lerma 1270 km (Pacific Ocean) after converting metric units it will be 1161288 yards as well as 127000000 centimeters.
  • Sankuru 1150 km (Kasai) after converting metric units it will be 1051560 yards as well as 115000000 centimeters.
  • Fly 1050 km (Gulf of Papua) after converting metric units it will be 960120 yards as well as 105000000 centimeters.
  • Essequibo 1010 km (Atlantic Ocean) after converting metric units it will be 923544 yards as well as 101000000 centimeters.