Light years to miles converter

Light years to miles converter allows you to calculate the number of miles [mi] by entering any number of light years [ly]. See also miles into light years calculator.

Light years to miles formula

Definition of measures:

  • Light year [ly] – it is a unit of length commonly used in astronomy. A light year measure is equal to the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year.
  • Mile [mi] – a unit of length used today in Anglo-Saxon countries. Formerly a unit of length also used in other countries.

Metric system:

  • 1 light year = 5878625373183 miles = 9460730472580044 meters.
  • 1 mile = 5280 feed [ft] = 1609,344 meters [m].

How many light years in miles?

Light yearsMiles
1 ly5878625373183 mi
2 ly11757250746366 mi
3 ly17635876119549 mi
4 ly23514501492732 mi
5 ly29393126865915 mi
6 ly35271752239098 mi
7 ly41150377612281 mi
8 ly47029002985464 mi
9 ly52907628358647 mi
10 ly58786253731830 mi
100 ly587862537318300 mi
200 ly1175725074636600 mi
Light years to miles calculation.
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Conversion of metric units ly and in.

Convert known heights to light years and miles

Light years to miles converter can have many uses. To better understand the size scale of the units used, both measures are compared with known quantities on Earth. You may also need meters into light years calculator.

High mountains:

  • Cho Oyu 8188 m (Nepal) it means height of approximate 0.0000000000008655 ly or 5.088 mi.
  • Nuptse 7864 m (Nepal) it is tall as about 0.0000000000008312 ly or 4.886 mi.
  • Jongsong Peak 7462 m (India) this length corresponds to 0.0000000000007887 ly or 4.637 mi.
  • K12 7428 m (India) it is tall as about 0.0000000000007851 ly or 4.616 mi.
  • Kabru N 7412 m (India) this length corresponds to 0.0000000000007834 ly or 4.606 mi.

High buildings:

  • Burj Khalifa 828 m (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) it can be otherwise described as 0.0000000000000875 ly or 0.514 mi.
  • Lakhta Center 462 m (Saint Petersburg, Russia) this length can also be represented as about 0.0000000000000488 ly or 0.287 mi.
  • Guangzhou International Finance Center 440 m (Guangzhou) it is an equivalent into about 0.0000000000000465 ly or 0.273 mi.
  • Al Hamra Tower 412.6 m (Kuwait City, Kuwait) it can be otherwise described as 0.0000000000000436 ly or 0.256 mi.
  • The Marina Torch 352 m (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) it is an equivalent into about 0.0000000000000372 ly or 0.219 mi.