Converter of popular speed measures

Converter of popular speed measure allows you to convert speed units taking into account various measures.

The converter calculates the measures for hours and seconds Units of measurement included in the speed converter: kilometres/h, kilometres/s, meters/h, meters/s, miles/h, miles/s, feet/h, feet/s, knots, mach.

What is speed

The basic unit of speed in the SI manual is 1 meter per second.

Speed ​​is a physical quantity. It is defined as the rate at which the body’s position changes relative to the frame of reference.

Speed ​​is a popular term used in the concept of kinematics. Speed, together with the concepts of road and time, describe motion. This concept relates to classical mechanics describing the movement of bodies. 

Speed measures

Speed units can be used in many living conditions. Measuring the speed of movement in life for describing airplanes (mach), maritime (knot) or road (kilometers / miles).

Speed refers to time, usually a second or an hour. A simple way to measure speed is to measure the time it takes a measured distance.

Nowadays, more advanced methods of speed measurement are also used. Among them is the RAPID speed meter used by the police. In this device, vehicle speed is measured on the basis of the Doppler effect. Instead of radio waves, modern police radars can also use a laser beam.

  • Average speed value – Indicates the average speed at which we have traveled during the specified time. This value is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the travel time.
  • Instantaneous speed – informs about the speed with which we are moving at a given moment of movement.