Tablespoon and teaspoon converter to grams

Tablespoon (15 ml) and teaspoon (5 ml) as weights in grams, can be used for salt, butter, honey, sugar or flour, etc. 1 tablespoon of the substance is from several to several dozen grams and 1 teaspoon is 1/3 of a spoon. spoons and teaspoons in the US are slightly smaller, amounting to 14.8 and 4.9 ml, respectively.

Tablespoons and teaspoons to gram converter is a simple tool to calculate the number of grams.

Counting the number of grams in a tablespoon and teaspoon

In recipes, we often find the value of a product in a small number of grams. In such cases, it is worth knowing the equivalents of spoons and teaspoons per gram in order to easily measure the right portion. For each product, the value of grams should be checked separately, as the values ​​may vary by up to several dozen grams.

ProductTablespoon (15 ml)Teaspoon (5 ml)
Honey21.6 grams7.2 grams
Salt17.3 grams5.8 grams
Butter14.4 grams4.8 grams
White sugar12.7 grams4.3 grams
Sugar cane12.2 grams4.1 grams
Universal flour9.5 grams3.2 grams
Icing sugar8.3 grams2.8 grams

As can be seen, the weight differences for the products are very large.

Tablespoons and teaspoons in grams

Tablespoon Teaspoon Salt White sugar
0.67211.5 g8.5 g
1.33423 g16.9 g
2634.6 g25.4 g
3951.9 g38.1 g
41269.2 g 50.8 g
51586.5 g63.5 g
618103.8 g76.2 g
721121.1 g88.9 g
824138.4 g101.6 g
927155.7 g114.3 g
1030173 g127 g
1133190.3 g139.7 g
1236207.6 g152.4 g
1339224.2 g165.1 g
1442259.5 g177.8 g
1545276.8 g190.5 g

For ease of use, you should know that 1 cup is approximately 16,667 tablespoons and 50 teaspoons.