How many calories do you burn while standing

Use calories calculator to answer how many calories do you burn while standing. Compare standing vs sitting and lying down. Standing is an activity during which we maintain a vertical position. Therefore, we do not make movements of the whole body, as we do when walking or running. While standing may seem like an undemanding activity, it takes quite a lot of energy from your body. The number of calories burnt while standing is slightly less than when walking at a slow pace.

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The effect of standing on calories burned and health.

How many calories do you burn while standing is a frequently asked question. Standing is certainly better than sitting in terms of burning calories. By deciding to stand instead of lying down or sitting, we accelerate our metabolism of sugars and fats. According to the results presented in calories calculator:

  • If you weigh 70 kg (14 lbs) and stand for 1 hour, it means you have burned approx 123.45 kcal.
  • By weighing 80 kg (about 176 lbs) and standing for an hour, you will burn approx 141 kcal.
  • If you weigh 90 kg (198 lbs) and stood for an hour, you burned approximately 159 kcal.
  • For a person weighing 100 kg (220 lbs), the number of calories burned for an hour while standing will be approx 176 kcal.

The number of calories burned while standing can be even several dozen percent greater than when sitting and several times greater than when lying down.

Working in a standing position, instead of sitting, has recently become more and more fashionable. According to scientific studies, prolonged sitting can contribute to many diseases and thus shorten life. The solution is the introduction of standing workstations. Studies conducted on a small group of people indicate that it does not have a large impact on the increase in work efficiency by changing the position from sitting to standing. However, in the long term, spending more time standing than sitting will certainly improve your health and improve your metabolism. First, standing burns more calories than sitting and definitely more than lying down.