Calories burned walking calculator

Calories burned walking calculator for speeds from 3 km/h to 8 km per hour. Enter weight to calculate kcal burned while walking. Walking is one of the main activities we do during the day. At the same time, it has a huge impact on how many calories we burn during the day.

All calculations are approximate. Please remember that, the number of calories burned depends on the individual. 

How to measure walking speed in calories burned walking calculator?

Walking is a form of movement of animals and people with the use of limbs. This term can be defined as the alternating movement of the whole body. The centre of gravity of the body goes up and down while walking.

The average walking speed for men and women is similar and amounts to approx 5 km/h or 3.107 mph. The maximum walking speed is slightly higher for men and is approximately 8 km/h (4.97 mph) in turn for women 7.6 km/h (4.72 mph). However, the speed at which we move depends largely on our age (source).

Walking speed and walking pace

  • 3 km/h or 1.86 mph: slow
  • 4 km/h or 2.49 mph: average
  • 5 km/h or 3.11 mph: average
  • 6 km/h or 3.73 mph: fast
  • 7 km/h or 4.35 mph: fast
  • 8 km/h or 4.97 mph: fast

Walking differs from running in that at least one foot is always in contact with the ground when moving. Running is a faster version of gait, because for animals and bipedal humans it begins when there are moments when both feet are not in contact with the Earth.

Calories burned walking calculator in statistic

We often wonder how many calories we burn during various activities. Calories burned walking calculator thanks to that better know your daily calorie burning. Remember that these calculations are approximate and may vary from person to person.

Walking speedWeight 110 lbs Weight 165 lbs Weight 220 lbs
1.86 mph99.99 kcal149.99 kcal199.98 kcal
2.49 mph169.98 kcal254.97 kcal339.97 kcal
3.11 mph239.98 kcal359.96 kcal479.95 kcal
3.73 mph309.97 kcal464.95 kcal619.94 kcal
4.35 mph379.96 kcal569.94 kcal759.92 kcal
4.97 mph449.96 kcal674.93 kcal899.91 kcal
The number of calories burned by a person weighing 110 lbs, 165 lbs, and 220 lbs and speed in mph.

Walking speed Weight 50 kg Weight 75 kg Weight 100 kg
3 km/h 100.20 kcal150.3 kcal200.4 kcal
4 km/h 170.34 kcal255.51 kcal340.68 kcal
5 km/h 240.48 kcal360.72 kcal480.96 kcal
6 km/h 310.62 kcal465.93 kcal621.24 kcal
7 km/h 380.76 kcal571.14 kcal761.52 kcal
8 km/h 450.90 kcal676.35 kcal901.80 kcal
The number of calories burned by a person weighing 50 kg, 75 kg, and 100 kg and speed in km/h.

Additional calorie burning facts related to walking

  • If you walk at speed 3 km per hour you will cross the globe in time 4247.34 hours. However, you will burn until it 851165.6 calories.
  • 12742 kilometers walking at speed 4 km per hour it will take 3185.5 hours and burn 1085236.14 calories.
  • The earth is 12742 (km) if you walk at 5 km per hour it will take 2548.4 hours and burn 1225678.464 calories.
  • Walking at speed 6 km per hour you will cross the globe in time 2123.6 hours. Thanks to this you will burn
    1319306.68 calories.
  • The earth is 12742 (km) walking at speed 7 km per hour it will take 1820.29 hours and burn 1386183.97714286 calories.
  • The globe is 12742 kilometers if you walk at 8 km per hour you will spend on it 1592.75 hours and burn 1436341.95 calories.