Sentence counter

Count the number of sentences in the text using the sentence counter. 1 page of text contains approximately 30 sentences and 500 words. online sentence counter is a simple way to know the number of sentences in any text. Counting the number of sentences in the text is possible if the sentences are separated by a period (“.”) In the text.

Please note that the sentence count is based on the number of dots in the text (“.”), Other characters are not included in sentence calculations.

Definition of a sentence

In order for the termination to be a sentence, certain requirements must be met. First, the sentence must contain the verdict. A sentence can be either declarative, interrogative or imperative. There are also underdeveloped and developed sentences. The former are characterized only by the presence of a subject and a predicate. Expanded sentences, on the other hand, have many constituent elements. You can also list a complex sentence – it has more than one decision.

Characteristic for a sentence is that it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, exclamation point or question mark.

How many sentences and words does one page have?

The sentence calculator works by executing a function on a text string. A number is returned as the result, specifying the total number of sentences in the text. For simplicity, it can be assumed that 1 page of the text contains about 25-30 sentences and approximately 500 words in a 12-point font. However, the actual number of sentences and words depends primarily on the size and style of the font.

Sentence counter with text calculator

The online sentence counter can have a wide range of applications, from checking simple texts for your own used to complex, expert reports. Probably the most common use of sentence counting in academia is that many student papers need to be checked quickly. The sentence calculator is useful for website positioning or content optimization. Character counting is used wherever the length of the content is limited by many factors, such as databases or forms. In the era of the Internet and the digitization of virtually all documents, sentence counting is becoming more and more important. There are already questions about the sense of the existence of traditional libraries.