Calculate the number of words

Calculate the number of words from the text tool to count words. Online word calculator counts without commas or spaces. Word counting is usually associated with academic dissertations or with various standard documents. In practice, words can be calculated without the use of IT solutions, but it is much slower. The word counter lets you know the number of words at a glance, so you can cut down on the time you spend analyzing the text.

It is worth adding that the words will be counted even if there is no space between them, but there is one of the characters separating the words, e.g. a comma and a period.

Calculate the number of words

Counting words without a proper tool usually takes a long time, depending on the length of the text. Therefore, it makes sense to use an online word count calculator that does the job for you.
Word counting is especially important in academia, where we usually have a certain maximum number of words in essays, essays, or other proof tests. Therefore, it is better to focus on the quality of the text, correcting stylistic or punctuation errors, rather than wasting time counting words.
The word counter is also of great use among academic staff. With thousands of entries each month, it is impossible to get them all for the maximum word count requirement.

Count words online

Often the only solution is to use a word calculator, unless you are reading handwritten text. If the text is not in digital form, you can try to digitize the text with the use of appropriate tools. However, this operation is not always successful. If your text is blurry, fuzzy, or distorted, it won’t go digital. Of course, you can always rewrite the text using the keyboard connected to the computer. However, here you have to consider whether it is better to count the words instead of rewriting them.

Which characters are not counted as words?

Some may wonder if certain characters can be considered words. We are talking about commas, periods, semicolons, hyphens, etc. In the word calculator used, all punctuation marks are not counted as words. Punctuation refers to a set of characters that complement the letter notation of the text.

For example, the phrase “text – I,” will be considered as 2 words. The expression “this is ‘awesome’ text” will return the result in the calculator as 4 words.