Count any character – letter counter

Count any character (letter counter) to find the number of characters. You can check for any character as well as the number of all characters with and without spaces. You can also use the calculator below to check for strings, specific words or phrases.

Approximately, the average length of an English word can be assumed to be approximately 5 characters. Any typed or pasted text is not stored in the database.

Letter counter

Counting letters is a frequently used procedure. As long as we have a text in a traditional (paper) form, counting may take a long time. This process can be significantly improved by using text saved in electronic form.
Text counting tools rely on built-in functions that return a number of characters as a result. The calculator used here returns the number of characters with and without spaces. Additionally, you can enter any character and count its occurrence among all characters with or without spaces. Knowing the percentage of a sign in all characters can have many uses. This tool can be useful to both writers and regular users.

How to count the occurrence of any character?

Two steps are enough to count the occurrence of any sign. First, enter the text you want to analyze. Then you must enter the specific character you want to search for. It can also be a string of characters, words, or phrases. After pressing the “count” button, the desired results will be returned.

For example, if you have a text that is a dozen or so sentences long, and you want to find the word “analyze” in this text, you just need to enter “analyze” without quotes in the appropriate box.