Km to cm conversion

Kilometers (km) to centimeters (cm) conversion returns cm value by giving the number of km. The calculator computes 2 km to cm as the value 200000. See also centimeters into kilometers calculator.


Kilometer (km in short) – is an easy-to-use multiple of a meter – the basic SI unit. Converting a kilometer into meters we get the value of 1000 m. A kilometer is a very frequently used measure of length, especially in relation to road signs. Even in the USA, where a mile has been used for a long time, the signage gradually changes to kilometers.


Centimeter (abbreviated cm) – is defined as a hundredth of a meter or 10 millimeters. A unit often used in everyday measurements. Used in many popular hand-held measuring tools. On the other hand, it is poorly used in scientific and engineering calculations.

Km to cm

Km to cm conversion is a popular unit conversion tool. Among the known units of measurement, Km to cm is similar to km to mm and km to in.

Km to cm conversion

Km to mm = 1000000 mm
1 km to cm = 100000 cm
Km to in = 39370.078 in

Km to cm conversion on the table

Kilometers [km]Centimeters [cm]
1 km100000 cm
2 km200000 cm
3 km300000 cm
4 km400000 cm
5 km500000 cm
6 km600000 cm
7 km700000 cm
8 km800000 cm
9 km900000 cm
Kilometers into centimeters calculation

Examples of converting kilometers to centimeters

Km to cm conversion is a tool for comparing different metric units. It is worth presenting the operation of the converter on river lengths, mountain heights or cave depths. Using meters into kilometers calculation you can find out what the value is in meters to kilometers and then calculate kilometers into centimeters.

Tall buildings:

  • Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre – 530 m (Guangzhou, China) it means height of 0.53 kilometers and 53000 centimeters.
  • Shanghai World Financial Center – 492 m (Shanghai, China) it means height of 0.49 kilometers and 49200 centimeters.
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower – 423.2 m (Chicago, United States) it means height of 0.42 kilometers and 42320 centimeters.
  • Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 1 – 388.1 m (Shenzhen) it means height of 0.39 kilometers and 38810 centimeters.
  • Bank of China Tower – 367 m (Hong Kong) it means height of 0.37 kilometers and 36700 centimeters.

High mountains:

  • Cho Oyu 8188 m (Nepal) can also be described as 8.19 kilometers and also on 818800 centimeters.
  • Himalchuli 7893 m (Nepal) can also be described as 7.89 kilometers and also on 789300 centimeters.
  • Kula Kangri 7538 m (China) can also be described as 7.54 kilometers and also on 753800 centimeters.
  • Abi Gamin 7355 m (India) can also be described as 7.36 kilometers and also on 735500 centimeters.