How many steps in a mile?

Knowing how many steps in a mile is useful when walking or running. Convert 5000, 10000, 20000 steps per mile to know the distance. The number of steps in a mile depends on many factors. It is not possible to determine the exact number of steps with the use of a converter. It can be assumed that the number of steps depends to some extent on gender, height, or the speed of walking or running.

Match the appropriate values to find out the distance traveled and the length of your stride.

Miles to steps converter

Converting miles to steps works in the same way as converting steps to miles. The difference is that instead of entering the number of steps, you enter the distance travelled in miles. Sometimes it is easier to use miles if you use GPS with distance measurement, for example, when playing sports.

Calculation of the number of steps

Definitions of calculations:

  • A value of 180 steps per minute was assumed (source). This is the correct number of steps in professional sports.
  • The step length is calculated by the formula height X 0.413 for females and height X 0.415 for men (source).


  • the average walking speed ranges from 2.50 mph to 3.1 mph
  • The average running speed is from 5 mph to 6.2 mph.

By using steps converter you can easily see how many steps you will take depending on: gender, distance, speed

How many steps in a mile?

There is no clear answer to the question of how many steps are in a mile. Depending on the way of performing the activity, whether it is running or walking, and the physiological structure of the human being, general conclusions can be drawn.

SpeedMan height: 5 ft and 7 inchesWoman height: 5 ft and 4 inches
2 mph55875848
2.5 mph44644673
3 mph37173891
3.5 mph31953344
4 mph27932924
4.5 mph24812597
5 mph 22322336
5.5 mph20282123
6 mph18621949
6.5 mph 17181799

From the table, it can be seen that the number of steps largely depends on the speed of walking or running. It can be concluded that in the case of walking it is about 3,000 steps. On the other hand, in the case of running at an average speed of about 2,000 steps.

How many miles in 5000 steps?

SpeedA man of medium heightA woman of medium height
2 mph0.90.85
2.5 mph1.121.07
3 mph1.341.27
3.5 mph1.571.49
4 mph1.791.71
4.5 mph2.021.92
5 mph 2.242.13
5.5 mph2.462.35
6 mph2.692.56
6.5 mph 2.912.77

5,000 steps is a distance worth walking each day for good health. This is approximately 1.5 miles for normal walking.

How many miles in 10000 steps?

SpeedA man of medium heightA woman of medium height
2 mph1.791.7
2.5 mph2.242.13
3 mph2.682.55
3.5 mph3.132.98
4 mph3.133.41
4.5 mph3.583.83
5 mph 4.034.26
5.5 mph4.474.69
6 mph4.925.11
6.5 mph 5.375.53

The chart shows that 10,000 steps is approximately 1 hour of walking. It can be assumed to be approximately 3 miles.

How many miles in 20000 steps?

SpeedA man of medium heightA woman of medium height
2 mph3.583.4
2.5 mph4.484.26
3 mph5.365.1
3.5 mph6.265.96
4 mph6.266.82
4.5 mph7.167.66
5 mph 8.068.52
5.5 mph8.949.38
6 mph9.8410.22
6.5 mph 10.7411.06

If you walk 20,000 steps a day, it is certainly good for your health. This is approximately 2 hours of normal walking, or 1 hour of easy running. In terms of distance, it is an average of 7 miles.