Convert kmph to miles (kph to mph)

Convert kmph to miles (kph to mph) with the km/h to mi/h converter. Check how many 70,100,200 kmph etc. are converted into miles. Kph is widely used all over the world in road signs and car speedometers. Mph is mainly used in Anglo-Saxon countries. Both measures of speed are used primarily in the measurement of driving a car.

Converting kilometers into miles is simple. The converter converts 1 kmph to approximately 0.621 mph.

Kilometers per hour (kph or kmph)

Kmph tells us the distance travelled in relation to the time spent on the journey (in hours). It is therefore a quantity that should be related to a unit of time. Kph can relate to velocity and velocity.
This measure was defined at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, but initially it did not gain much popularity. In the USA, kmph was not used until 1866. Over the years, many abbreviations for kilometers per hour have been created, such as: k.p.h, km:h, km/h, km/hour and finally kmph. Additionally, in the notation of these units, sometimes small and sometimes large letters are used. Thanks to the Vienna Convention and EU directives, the provisions have been harmonized.

Miles per hour (mph)

We use this measure commonly in Great Britain and the United States. This unit shows the number of Engel miles travelled in one hour. Usually refers to the speed of the vehicle. It is worth adding that in Anglo-Saxon countries kph may also be used.

Examples of kmph and mph values

The slow gait of a man31.86
the average speed of human movement53.11
fly flight (average value) or average running speed84.97
Free cycling106.21
Fast run116.84
Approximate value of cycling2012.43
Popular driving speed in built-up areas5031.07
Popular speed limit for driving outside built-up areas9055.92
The highest speed achieved by a car on a public road (approximately)533331.19

Convert kmph to miles in a table

Converting kmph to miles (kph to mph) is common in road traffic. When driving a car, we usually reach speeds of 30 kmph to 200 kmph.

Kilometers per hourMiles per hour
30 kmph18.64 miles
40 kmph24.85 miles
50 kmph31.07 miles
60 kmph37.28 miles
70 kmph43.5 miles
80 kmph49.71 miles
90 kmph55.92 miles
100 kmph62.14 miles
110 kmph68.35 miles
120 kmph74.56 miles
130 kmph80.78 miles
140 kmph86.99 miles
150 kmph93.21 miles
160 kmph99.42 miles
170 kmph105.63 miles
180 kmph111.85 miles
190 kmph118.06 miles
200 kmph124.27 miles