BMI and weight calculator

The BMI and weight calculator based on weight and height allows you to check whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. The calculator has an additional function that allows you to check the predicted weight for the given BMI value. Using the BMI calculator can contribute to greater weight control and thus lead a more healthy lifestyle.

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BMI can be calculated for both children and adults. The calculator above is only applicable to adults 20 years and older. To calculate BMI for kids you need to use another calculator.

ValueWeight status
Below 18,5 BMIUnderweight
18.5 BMI – 24.9 BMINormal weight
25.0 BMI – 29.9 BMIOverweight
30.0 BMI – 34.9 BMIObesity grade 1
35.0 BMI – 39.9 BMIObesity grade 2
Above 40 BMIObesity grade 3
Range BMI

BMI index – the basic concept

Body mass index, or BMI, is a popular indicator for controlling body weight. This indicator is calculated using the weight and height of the person for whom the calculations are made. The disadvantage of BMI is undoubtedly that it is characterized by a certain standard error in the calculations, so it is not entirely accurate. However, he found recognition among a wide range of doctors and fitness clubs. Many experts have found that BMI is convenient to use and allows you to quickly determine the desired weight, which is why it is so often used. Thanks to BMI, we can check whether we are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

There are no differences in BMI calculation for women or men. The same formula is used, therefore the outcome categories are the same for both genders. In fact, we don’t always have a situation where values ​​such as weight and height differ from one gender to another. If we calculate the average, the values ​​will differ, but in many cases there will be no difference. However, it can be assumed that because women are usually lower than men, the BMI ranges may be slightly lower in them in relation to men. However, this is not really a big difference and is simply overlooked.

Another issue relates to body build and age. Theoretically, these factors should have a big impact on your BMI. Indeed, if you have an unusual physique, you should use another calculator to calculate your optimal weight range. However, if you do not deviate from the broadly understood standard, then the BMI calculator will be sufficient for you.

BMI and weight calculator for normal weight

BMI results can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In fact, it can be said that there is still ongoing research to determine the effect of weighting on mortality. This is important because it is verified whether underweight, normal weight, overweight or obesity are actually factors causing a certain type of disease or increasing mortality. One of the widely conducted studies shows that with the distance from the range of values ​​20 – 25 BMI, the risk of death increases – proportionally to the distance from this range. On the other hand, there are more and more scientific publications indicating that a slight excess weight may have a positive effect on health and life expectancy. It is definitely worth following this topic and constantly updating your knowledge about your ideal weight.

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